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Wen in Ukraine it goes about Australia, they often assert: ‘I know everything about Australia – there are Kangaroos, aborigines, there were Olympic games in Sidney there, there’s a lack of women there!’ All of this is true, but there are some corrections to be made with a ‘women’s problem’. This opinion reflects reality a little, but there are women lacking in Australia only from the point of view of anatomy! Yes, anatomically or formally they belong to women. Their chromosomal complement and a ‘female’ record in their driver’s license tell about this.

From the economical point of view a woman in Australia is absolutely independent from a man. A salary level of a man and a woman for the same work is absolutely equal. There are no gender limits for acceptance to a job. Is it good or bad – it depends. Certainly, a woman who is economically and therefore socially dependent woman has an inner striving to be attractive for him anyway, to stand out on the background of many other competitresses, to attract a man’s look and choice on herself.

A state cultivated a consumer behavior in women itself. In 99% of cases from 100 a woman’s opinion is supported in a ‘Family court’. In case of any family conflict an Australian woman will go to a court with her claim without any wish to solve the problem decently in a family circle. Given half a chance she reports of a sexual violence and stays a winner. The court will adjudge from a man half of his possessing or 90% as a maximum. This policy of court is supported by law for many years already. Accordingly, a man starts playing a secondary role in a family and society. An Australian man will rather go to a pub to watch a rugby game than will come up to a woman trying to get acquainted with her. He is made by his state to be provident and very careful in relationships with women which often leads to ignoring of the latest.

So what should a man who doesn’t want to live as a hermit do? There is an only way out – an international marriage. A great number of lonely Australians turns to international dating agencies (including Ukrainian ones) with an aim to find a woman in a country with a developing economy. Australian laws let one take 3 wives from abroad in lifetime.

‘My first Australian wife could stand up at night, put on her dirty jeans and go to drink beer in a pub, because a friends called her and told her that she was in a pub and bored. She could come home in the morning or just not come home at all. I could do nothing about it and couldn’t influence her. She told me to go to laundry when I asked her to wash my clothes and when I asked her to cook dinner she told me to go to McDonald’s. my Ukrainian wife works as well as I do, takes care of the house, cooks, washes, and spends all her free time with children. At the same time she’s beautiful and sexy. I am absolutely happy’. Half of the people surrounding him envy him and ask for an address of this Ukrainian dating agency. What can one do, it’s Australia’s reality, its laws and life…


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