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The Northern Territory is the subject of the federation of Australia. It is located in the north of the country and occupies a fairly large central part of the continental mainland. It shares borders with Western Australia to the west, South Australia in the south and in the east it birders with Queensland. In the north this state is washed by the Timor Sea, the Arafura Sea and the Gulf of Carpentaria. Despite the fact that the state occupies a huge area ( more than 1,349,129 square kilometers) it is only the third largest state of Australia. Northern Territory is the least populous states in the mainland, there are about 220,000 people. More than 54% of the state's population lives in the capital, Darwin. Other large settlements of this state are Katherine, Alice Springs, Tennant Creek and Nhulunbuy. The population of this state is considered to be the youngest in Australia. Here the largest number of children under 15 years and the smallest number of people over 65 years. The average age of the average resident of the State of Northern Territory is 30 years. The representatives of more than 100 different nationalities live in Northern Territory. Among them are russians. The number of them is not too great as in the other states. Russian men and women came to Northern Territory of Australia for job or they are emigrants. wives from Russia can make home coziness, do cooking and troubling about their husband and children. Therefore, in most instances, those marriages are made wonderful families. In addition, the russian wives are very graceful and charming and have always followed theirs emergence. So it makes them very popular and desired for australian men, dreaming about the family with russian women.
Russian girls in Northern Territory Australia can be seen constantly. Every of them visit to other country for own causes. Some russians desided for money, some arrived for permanent residence. Some of russian women left their husbands, but still stay and live abroad. Every month to another states leave plenty of women. Lots of them are russian and ukrainian women. We may become acquainted with russian women in Darwin or in Palmerston. Russian girls and women are well-known in any overseas city. A foreign man, dreaming about a lady from Russia, anticipates for attentive wife, girlfriend and wants strong real love. Girls from Russia can create a warm home atmosphere. The Russians are wise and patient. Slavic girls are pretty. Alone foreigners want to meet them very much. Sole foreign guys suspect that Russian brides from Northern Territory Australia are honest and exciting. Russian women are well-educated and wise. Coming to foreign state Brides from Russia feel themselves rather well. Russian ladies, who are living in Australia educate children, take care about family and are perfect housewives and wives. Russian brides women are well-known for grace. Russian women from NN respect the style of husbund's life. Undoubtely the Russian women from Australia marriage is a real success for foreigners.


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